Because I'm Me - I Need to Know!

Because I’m Me – I Need to Know!

I live a public life.  I keep few secrets.  I rarely wear make-up.  I post my dirty laundry (no, seriously, actual piles of dirty laundry) for anyone to see.  I am imperfect, flawed, fearless and feisty.  Today I posted a plea to the world to help me find my birth family.  Folks have responded en...
Am I Normal?

Am I Normal?

OK.  I did it.  I finally threw it out there.  I have been sitting on those seven email addresses for a month when I’ve been waiting to get my hands on them for almost 40 years.  I told myself I was just too busy over the holidays, and then too busy with work, and then...
No! I'm Adopted???

No! I’m Adopted???

Who is that beautiful woman standing next me?  That’s my Ma.  Why is she my mom?  – Because she loves me.  She filled out a mound of paperwork, shelled out the cash, got in line and waited. Strangely, she almost wasn’t my mom.   She and her sorority sister, Shirley, had gone to the same adoption...