Fab 6I am lucky because my son, Dane, was born with cerebral palsy, yet he is healthy and, without a doubt, the person I understand, and probably understands me, the most.

I am lucky because my son Jett is on the autism spectrum, which likely had a hand in making him the most creative person I know.

I am lucky that I was adopted and raised by a woman better than the best Norman Rockwell – Leave it to Beaver – movie written mom.

I am lucky because I live with my in-laws who realize that loving someone and living together isn’t an obligation, but a choice.

I am lucky because I live in a small town where I can go to the bank, two miles away, and get three smiles, a horn honk and a ‘Hey Jules!’ from people I actually know along the way.

I am lucky because my husband married a crazy person, he wasn’t absolutely sure about, but definitely had a feeling…

I am lucky that I moved to a place, where I had no friends, and then found theater for the very first time.

I am lucky that I attempted college five times and never finished, to finally find film and photography at forty.

I am lucky that I made a million mistakes – and they brought me here.

I am lucky to be alive really.

I am lucky.