IMG_8367I finally got my boobies smashed. My Mom-in-Law had been harping on me to make an appointment for YEARS. Yes, I turned 40 (two years ago!). I kept up with all my ‘me’ stuff while I was pregnant, but after my boys were born, I fell slightly left of the Center of the Universe. Shocking, right???

I say that lovingly. My kids really are the center of my Universe no matter how many times I crack the self-centered me, me, MEEEE jokes that I so often do. My life drastically changed the day they came screaming onto the scene and it will never be the same again.

So I went a couple years… OK, six years, without seeing a lady doc, having a pap or getting the always dreaded, first mammogram. But today was the day. I would right the ship; do a little recon, initiate preventative maintenance… all the things that grown, respectable Mommas are supposed to do.

I volunteered my Mom-in-Law to tag along. After all, she’d seen me birth a baby, so squashing a couple of boobs should be a walk in the park.

Not surprisingly, she had actually warned the Mammogram girl ahead of time.

“Oh! THIS is her!” she giggled as I swept, boldly, and ever so ‘Julie is scared but hiding it loudly’ like, into the Mammogrammin’ Room.

The woman in charge was very sweet, very patient, and oh so very tolerant! She let me be a dork, pose with the machinery and indulged my need for humor in the strangest of situations. If you can’t laugh while having your Tata’s pancaked…

She posed them in many an awkward way. I apparently have ‘dense tissue’. I guess that’s good at my age – (and lack of magnitude). I forgot to NOT wear deodorant. Well, truth is, I didn’t read the paperwork that came before the appointment. A quick baby wipe and we were back in business! But it meant a couple extra pix. Hey, I was there, I was topless and had nothing else going on at the moment.

I learned a couple new things. Some that might be cause for concern (or maybe not!) but good people are looking into it and that’s the best direction I can be headed for my family and myself.

Soon enough it was over. The anticipation was WAY worse than the actual experience. I encourage everyone due for a mammogram, to go get one. Shame on me for waiting. Shame on me for mothering my boys without mothering myself. I can’t be here for them if I’m not here. And really, it’s just that simple.