1. usI speak before I think. My judgment has somewhat improved so the things I blurt out aren’t often as shocking as they used to be. But sometimes speaking with your heart is necessary to open up a much-needed dialogue with people who might otherwise suck the life right out of you.
  2. I dream ridiculously big. I still tackle projects that, as a teen, seemed deliciously unattainable. Now, in my 40’s, I can almost afford those dreams. And if I can’t, I know some other semi-responsible 40 year olds who can help me foot the bill.
  3. I take extreme chances. I don’t pick up and move every year like I used to but I’m certainly not afraid to stir the logistical pot every now and then to show my sons a different side of life. Home is where I store my stuff but my heart is always with my family – wherever they might be.
  4. I change my look. My hair continues to become a rainbow of emotion. Yes, I’ve strayed away from the most extreme of primary colors but that’s only because I found community theatre and I’m priming my look for the next perfect role!
  5. I break the rules. I did through my teens and continue to now. I don’t do it just for fun anymore, but simply because, “That’s the way we’ve always done it.” bears absolutely no realistic weight with me.
  6. I hold a grudge. The reason? Because some people don’t even want, much less deserve, a second, third or fourth chance! I don’t dwell upon or harbor resentment but I’m not foolish enough to forget why certain folks can never have a positive place in my life.
  7. I change my mind… often. I do, because I can. I still react strongly to certain situations, but as an adult, I refrain from posting my reactions on Facebook (within five seconds), thus reserving the right to respectfully, change my mind.
  8. I BELIEVE IN MAGIC. I still think there’s the off chance my stuffed animals might chat in the middle of the night. I still think that if I wish hard enough a door will open in the back of my closet revealing a world that needs me more than my own. No one will take that from me… EVER.
  9. I write. Do I show it to everyone else? Not always. Do I hope my musically inclined husband will turn it into a crazy viral pop song one day? (See #8)
  10. I try new things. I beg the world to try them too. Don’t be afraid. Don’t blame your hip, your arthritis, or your memory… Make sure there’s a friend around to snap a pic or two and then jump off the cliff. You’ll remember (and love it) whether you want to or not.
  11. I occasionally stay up til 3AM. It hurts. I won’t deny that. But it’s worth it when I wake up the next day (with no voice) after singing karaoke all night. And at this age we can afford the ‘at home’ karaoke equipment so I don’t have to wash everything I own to get rid of the bad bar smell from the night before.
  12. I make stuff. My kids and I jump in with reckless abandon grabbing paint, ink, markers, cameras, glue, paper… it doesn’t matter what the medium, it doesn’t matter how dirty. We just make stuff.
  13. I change careers. I’m 42 and still not afraid to switch it up. I went to a few universities. I had many majors. I had several legit jobs. I always knew I would find the one I really wanted some day. I believe I have now. But hey, I might be wrong. (See #7)
  14. I feel strongly. The same way I felt in 89′ when our teachers got a raw deal and we had school wide sit-in. I feel as strongly as I did when the school system didn’t agree that ‘Girls Soccer’ was as important as the boys. I don’t fight fights not worth it anymore – but so many are still worth it.

Nothing, not time, not change, nor rules will ever dictate the decisions I make. 14 or 40, I still feel. And, oh yeah, I still sleep with my blanky!