IMG_9355He might not walk – That’s the truth.

For everyone who has prayed, sent vibes, well wishes, cards, care packages, messages, emails, texts and calls – you deserve the truth. We all do, because we love Dane. We want the best for this energetic little boy with an infectious attitude and smile. And no matter what happens, people who care, innately, just want to know what the heck is going on.

Dane is still fighting. He has physical therapy twice a week and continues to try to build muscle strength, not an easy feat for someone who has never had to bear weight or sit up without assistance.

Dane has the fortunate/unfortunate physical legacy of being tall, VERY tall. Picture a giraffe on stilts. As if learning to balance, stand up straight and keep your general $h!t together wasn’t hard enough (at any age), this seven-year-old has had to weather life’s hurricanes like the world’s tallest skyscraper sitting on a flawed and faulty foundation.

And despite all that, he’s doing great. I want everyone who cares about him to know. He flew through the latest surgery like a seasoned vet. He asked to forego pre-surgery anesthesia simply because ‘it tastes bad’. When the nurses whisked him away to go under the knife he simply smiled and said “I’ll see ya later.” Not me. I know I’d take the ‘laughing gas’ any time it was offered – surgery or not! Sometimes I can’t hide the tears the way that he can. He sees right through me anyhow. He amazes me.

Dane is healing once again. We all are. We weren’t expecting this surgery and I think we had all fallen into some sort of ‘If we don’t think about it, it will never happen again.’ place. We were rudely awakened when the docs snapped a random x-ray and realized he had outgrown his “Robot Parts’ in record time.

I’m often asked. ‘Will he walk?’

The truth is, I don’t know.

Only Dane knows.

What we can do is continue to love him, support him, encourage him and accept him whether he walks or not.

Because in the end, all that matters is that Dane tries, we cheer and everyone knows that the best is definitely yet to come.