img_9235-2So, I’m a wreck. And it’s all your fault.

I am sitting in my living room, getting ready for tomorrow, staring at a pile of photographs, and watching bids come in on pieces I’ve painted.

I NEVER, EVER, in a million years thought I’d sell a painting – paint them, yeah, give them away as a ‘Gee, it was the thought that counts’ present, of course! But never sell them.

I never thought I’d open an arts center. What a pipe dream! Like, are you kidding me??? Who seriously sits down one day and goes, “Sure, totally could happen.” These are the things I begrudgingly joked about a million years ago, but then life happened and I simply gave up… until now.

I never took a business class or even skimmed over anything ‘non profit’. I never expected to file more tax documents than anything I could find on the ‘EZ ’ section.

But here I am. Stepping out onto the edge of the ledge.

And there you all are, pushing me to succeed instead of pushing me off that ledge.

I am a lucky girl – FOR SO MANY REASONS.

My family is cooking food, making drinks, cleaning up spaces, rooting me on, watching my boys… basically doing everything in their power to help me bring a dream to fruition.

They are in the middle of doing the exact same thing on other projects- HUGE projects, but what did they do? – Stopped dead in their tracks – to help me do something they know I feel compelled to do. They just know. I try to explain how I feel, but they just know. I want the exact same thing for them.

Thank you. Thank you to everyone coming to the fundraiser tomorrow. Thank you to everyone bidding on my art tonight. Thank you to every news outlet that has told my story. Thank you to my family, friends, and the peeps who have become both.

Thank you to the servers and bartenders who have listened to me prattle on about what ‘could be’. You all know who you are!

I’m outside of myself tonight and instead of feeling like ‘will they like me?’, I just feel good vibes coming at me from every direction.

If that’s dorky, I just don’t care.

My greatest hope is that this center can make other people feel the same.