15975058_1188994757802708_7953406955107351969_oHigh School was a bitch.

Jr. High was worse.

I remember this conversation like it was yesterday: My best friend, “Do you want to move up to the bottom of the A’s or would you rather just continue ruling the B’s???”

This was an actual conversation! This was not a John Hughes movie. We weren’t going to have a theme song or garner the love of America for being so ‘real’. This was an actual conversation in the day of a life of two insecure ‘new’ girls moving into an overly competitive, prematurely judgmental, unfamiliar (to us) white-bred world.

I wasn’t even sure why this was a question.

I LOVED my friends. A, B, C, D or otherwise! I knew they weren’t all at the top of the Jr.High food chain but who cared??? It gave them flavor, my favor, voice, difference, fervor, vigor and all the words that make people of awesomeness – simply awesome.

We laughed out loud. We loved as hard as we could. We shared our stories, openly, without judgment. We covered for each other. We listened, danced, sang and stayed as real as kids could stay. We didn’t know exactly whom we would be one day, but damn it we knew exactly who we were in that moment and we were never afraid to show each other just who that was.

I look back on those days and can easily remember who my true friends were. So many remain just that.

My decision was easy.

It continues to be easy.

It’s not necessary to question my ‘idea’ of friendship. I’ve been surrounded by the best kind my entire life and still am today.

Ask this overgrown 14-year-old how she feels at 44 and my answer stays the same:

“I’d rather be a ‘B’ any day – knowing I’ll never be alone.”