IMG_3047I made a promise. Through bittersweet tears, with no fear in my heart, I made a promise.

Three years ago I stood in front of a hundred plus people and I promised them that I would bring them multi-generational theatre YEAR ROUND.

Today I walked into an old, empty auto parts store, after four, ONLY FOUR, months of renovations. And come hell or high water, the people who believed in me, helped me to keep that promise.

I’ve never been one to put that much time into a promise. Don’t get me wrong. I mean what I say – but I usually keep commitments to something I can accomplish in, at most, a week. OK, maybe a month, but YEARS, Ha! Just ask my mother – no way!

This was a big day – a REALLY big day. I was surrounded by the people who have supported this crazy dream from the start. I was finally able to open our doors to the parents and kids that I made a promise to so many years ago.

My son created a play. I bought a building in which to perform. Volunteers turned that building into a theatre… I spent the afternoon directing a bunch of amazing kids who will be the ones to perform my son’s play. Are you kidding me? How great is that???

I feel ten, like the kids in my camp, thinking we’re going to get caught for dreaming too big and expecting too much.

But tomorrow, I will wake up, and we will do it all again.

Someone might have to pinch me, because all of this, ALL OF THIS, still seems too good to be true…