Life in any borough is challenging.

We all have yardsticks and rules we need to meet and follow. I get it.

But when I see someone complain that they’ve been asked to weed their sidewalks… YES, I will repeat that, WEED their SIDEWALKS and then people throw shade at the people who have volunteered their time, effort, product and sweat to a community effort to add planters to our downtown I get a little ‘ouchy’.

We are vulnerable. We are watching building after BLOCK become condemned. CONDEMNED. NOT capable of being inhabited. Perspective folks…

Please, whatever side you come from, home owner or renter, life long resident or newbie, do not come at anyone who voluntarily puts their money and mouth on the line to make this town a better place.

Weed your sidewalk.

We did. Probably a few weeks later than we should have because we were busy trying to keep a leaking roof over our heads…

I’m exhausted every day. This is a battle that feels like crawling out of Gilligan’s Island quicksand on most days. But one of the things that makes me smile is driving through town and watching the gorgeous plants cascading from planters entrusted to people who simply want to make people like me smile!

What a gloriously simple concept.

Weed your yard. Mow your lawn. Appreciate those who aren’t even required to…

Find beauty in making an effort instead of making the effort to dog that beauty.

We’re in this together.