I was going through some old files and came across this letter.  I wrote this letter shortly after discovering that we qualified to have a home health aide assist me in the daily care of my two special needs children. Not one to accept, or even ask for help, the thought of a stranger coming into my home was terrifying… at first.  What happened after Maya’s arrival was nothing short of a miracle and changed our lives forever. We will always love her.  Maya is family now. December 26, 2008 Attn: RuthAnn  I would like you to know how I feel about having Maya as a part of our lives. I have often tried to explain to Maya just how much her presence has meant to me. She can’t fully comprehend how different things were before she came to us because the very moment she entered our home everything changed.   I was drowning, scared and exhausted.  I was running on empty, unable to be an effective wife, friend, mother, or employee.  When I saw her at the door I had a feeling she would be a great fit.  I didn’t realize that she would be a perfect fit.  My son Dane allowed her to hold him on that very first day.  He still has not responded to any other stranger in that way. My son Jett just starting calling me mom only a few short months ago and is already calling Maya by name.  I was apprehensive about letting someone into my life.  I have trouble asking for help.  Now the kids and I hate to see her go home at night.  They are flourishing in ways that wouldn’t be possible without her diligence and care. Our other therapists are incredibly impressed by her dedication to understanding and implementing the tools that they have given us to help my children succeed. I look forward to Mondays when the house lights up as she walks through the front door.  She has given me a renewed sense of self and faith.  I have been given a priceless gift and will be forever grateful to Bayada and the powers that be that brought my Maya into our lives.  With total appreciation,  Julie, Jason, Jett and Dane