“I hate school, I say. I’m not going back.IMG_3427

And don’t even think you can make me.”

“What happened?” Said Mom.

“I thought you loved school?”

“Those people don’t know how to take me!

They make me sit down.

They make me get up.

The stories they read are so dumb.

I don’t like my teacher.

I don’t like the students.

I can’t wait for recess to come.

People don’t see me.

They all walk around me.

They don’t even know that I’m there.

I think they’re all weird Mom.

I don’t fit at all Mom.

Don’t make me.

I’ll just die, I swear.”

“Well of course they are weird.”

My mother then said.

“They’re weird just like me and like you.

Everyone’s weird in their own special way.

Being normal would just never do.

We’d all be so boring –

No stories for telling –

If everyone saw the same way.

Who’d make up new games

And paint me a picture

If we all had the same kind of day?

Who’d build me a robot

And show me new dances?

Write a song you only could sing.

Who’d make me a flower

With paper and ribbon?

A present you only would bring.

So, yes, I agree they are weird son.

And soon I hope you will see,

That weird is much better than boring.

Weird is the way we should be.”