fab 5I will not apologize for being happy.  No – I – won’t.  I read through my Facebook feed and see snarky comments from people who seem somehow offended by the happiness of others, doubting their sincerity, and chastising the cheerful for our seemingly endless fits of personal delight.

Well, truth is, I’m not ALWAYS deliriously happy.  Please! I’ve got a kid with CP who can’t walk, another diagnosed with autism. We tackle, on average, three surgeries a year followed by 20 or more doctors’ appointments annually… I just choose not to post the most negative aspects of my day in a negative light.

I do, in fact, post the truth – the ugly, naked, sometimes shocking truth.  The delivery isn’t offensive which seems to offend some.  Who knew?  I don’t want my words to make anyone shake their head in pity or disgust.  I see the world in a way that, understandably, might seem unbelievable.  But to me, even when witnessing the worst of the worst, I understand, that it simply could have been worse!

I am still struggling, still trying and still reaching for the impossible while watching the unattainable drift closer and closer towards my grasp.  I wake up every day with an enthusiastic urge to check my Facebook; email and phone messages to see what opportunities will appear.  I know that they will because I spent the previous day sending positive messages out.

And what do you know?  There they are!  Pretty simple formula actually.  Thank goodness because algebra, geometry and even your basic excel spreadsheets were never my cups of tea.

Finally, at 40, I know better.  I know that it’s perfectly OK to be happy in spite of the people around you.  In fact, it’s even better because those negative people around you, THEY NEED YOU!  Those lost, without the fortitude to push through an exceptionally tough struggle, nearly broken, see someone with an equally hard plight, able to put a smile on their face, and that might just help put things in perspective. You could be that little bit of energy that they needed to get them through just one more day.  And when it comes to struggle, sometimes all we really need is the motivation to get through that one more day.

Never apologize for your happiness.  Never feel ashamed to share a positive attitude with the world.  Never feel like being an optimist somehow diminishes your ability to be a realist.

Optimism makes you a survivor.  Optimism allows a personal peace that nothing else can.  And if you’ve ever felt belittled by being happy just remember this: people who respond most negatively to good news seldom have any of their own.