PhotogIt’s been too long… I haven’t written much lately, and I think, once again, I was scared.  I’ve been busying myself with a whole new crop of ‘what not’ and the nervous energy involved with that seemed to take precedence.  Truth is, I was ducking the inevitable… the truth!

Truth is, I’m about to do something I really don’t know that much about (as usual).  I’m opening a studio, to take alternative, provocative, edgy pictures, of people who deserve to have them… see them… be them, for even just a day.  I want to see people smile and say ‘Is that me???’ and proudly state, ‘You bet you’re a$$ it is!’

I love to write.  I love to act.  I love to live.  But what I love the most is watching other people come to a similar realization.  I eat up watching people see themselves bathed in the unmistakable energy and light that can come from only them, especially when no one else is watching.

Well, I’m watching.  And it’s like a drug when I see it emerge – a rush I can’t explain… I can’t wait to make that a bigger part of my life.

This coming week I hope to close on a new studio space… film a music video… shoot my first couples session and throw in a healthy dose of family biz and cuddle time with my babies.

I’ve recently made it a point to spend more time getting to know my ‘friends’.  No more ‘I just don’t really relate to women BS.’  I think it’s been a cop-out for too long.  The time has come to let down my guard and enjoy the company of interesting people, regardless of my preconceived notions of gender.

I’ve finally learned to appreciate the wrinkles on our faces… the worry lines around our brows, and yes, I can diminish them, a smidge, in Photoshop and present the innate, youthful, glowing faces of the people that I take out for drinks later, thrilled to death that they allowed me to get that close and intimate with the flaws that they are often too terrified to share with the rest of the world.

Photography is a wonderful thing.  I am once again blessed to have found the passion to pursue such a life changing perspective before it’s too late.  I am grateful for so many things that have happened since I turned 40…

Just when I thought I’d seen it all, I opened my eyes just a little bit wider.  And holy cow! (Said in my best Midwestern Harry Caray drawl)… there is still so much more left to see.