IMG_5381I can’t sing (though I often do – loudly).  Contrary to how much I try publicly, I can’t dance either.  I don’t ride horses, play an instrument, do Zumba, or perform on every stage.  Yet there I am, right in the middle of things, no matter what the shoot, with no fear.  I take the pictures of people who actually DO know what they’re doing and it’s down right, unbelievably exhilarating.

If only for an hour, I feel connected to the people around me, who they are, what they do and sit smack dab in the middle of the intoxicating dynamics unfolding before my very eyes.

I see the hubbub that goes on before an event, during an event and after the event.  I experience the moments when things go right, then sometimes wrong.  I watch people rally and then snap away as they make the best of the situation and turn what might have been complete disaster into unforgettably beautiful memories.

I didn’t know I wanted to be a photographer but I did know I wanted to be everywhere.

My mom-in-law recently told me that the one word she would use to describe me was ‘insatiable’.  I thought about that for a moment and then wholeheartedly had to agree.

I spent decades trying to decide what to be.  I played many instruments, took a dozen different dance classes, tried four different languages, changed my schools and majors five times…

What I hadn’t figured out, before photography, is that I simply couldn’t be one thing.  I wanted to be a part of everything!  And now I can be.

I feel like a socially acceptable third wheel everywhere I go.  I get to creep into places, corners, onto stages, in front of the lights, behind the lights, under tables, on top of counters… wherever and whatever it takes to make sure that the beautiful faces and souls that I shoot can see themselves through the eyes of someone who truly appreciates being a part of their lives, if only for one day.

I will curl into a little ball, make myself only two feet tall, stand on the edge of the highest cliff if I see a moment that makes my heart skip that ‘oh that’s so perfect!’ beat.

I covet the people who have allowed me to step onto their personal stage, trusted me to catch ‘that shot’ and know me, just long enough, to realize that I feel as excited as they do about their passions in life.

I am alive through your energy, your experiences and will forever feel a part of your worlds.   And though I am (no doubt) always willing to kick down a door or two, I am forever grateful that you have all simply let me in.