me and dBeing in Community Theater is like being forced to graduate from high school again, and again, and again… my own personal Ground Hog’s Day.

I graduated early, mid semester. To my delight (and my mother’s horror) I found out that I could cut loose from the ties of high school curriculum with the wave of a pen and the unintentional foresight to take AP courses early on so that I could do nothing but take art classes my junior and senior year.

I was glad to go.  My closest friends had graduated a year or two earlier and I immediately felt like a fish out of water.  I was lost, ever searching for a better pond to swim in. (Giggle if you must but that’s exactly how I felt!)

So I packed up my locker and hit the road.  Headed for the big city with stars in my eyes…

20 years later…

I joined Community Theater after much prodding from a dear friend.  I could kiss him for that – OK, it’s theater, and I totally have already.

Only two shows in and I don’t know what I’d do without these people.  I’ve never been so glaringly reminded of what a misfit I was and how much fun we misfits always had.

Thirsty Thursday is such a pleasure.  I’m instantly 17 again and giggle from the moment we start practice to the moment I crawl into bed hoping (don’t tell him!) that I’ll totally wake my husband up when I do…

When, WHEN as adults do we get to run around in costumes, play a part, break a heart, dance, sing, talk in some crazy accent, bear arms, take a punch and still feel comfortably vulnerable enough to embarrass ourselves AND knock it out of the park on the same night???

I’ve said recently that I’m becoming too busy to commit to my fellow thespians for another show, for another year, but then we spend one minute together and I wonder how we ever existed apart.  The thought of leaving high school comes flooding back once again.

The difference today is that I still have my high school friends.  My fellow misfits have thrived.  They shine bright like a diamond, or cubic zirconia… whatever.  We never cared because, down deep, we always knew we were meant to shine somehow.  And becoming a part of this theater troupe was something I know I was meant to do too.

We aren’t ‘normal’.  We never will be.  We didn’t grow out of it.  We grew into it, and ultimately, that has made us better in the end. me and d