ShootingI want to make change.  I want to save the world.  I want to be a part of the revolution… of… Oh Hell, it doesn’t matter – as long as that revolution brings evolution.  But damn, lately, I’m tired.  I’m so tired.  It’s my own fault.  I mean, jeeze, I’m 41!  I promise myself out, often.  I take on new projects, constantly.  There’s no way I can do everything I’ve committed to, at 100% Julie, and I need to get a grip on it – FAST.

I sometimes peruse real estate listings just to appease my wanderlust.  I dream of one day owning a house, on MAYBE an acre or two, featuring raised garden beds, a lovely ‘pottery making shed’, with three or four bedrooms and an attic space perfectly suitable to turn into a photography studio.

I want that house to be in a small town, but not just any small town.  It has to be close (enough) to a metropolitan city, ripe with culture, hungering for the eye and enthusiasm of the out-of-town artist searching for a place to fit-in.  I want them to have First Fridays, wine tasting photography showings, avant-garde gallery openings and kitschy festivals that take place all – year – long.  Sound pretentious?  Sorry. I just love art and all the pomp and circumstance that go with it.  At twenty I would have been happy to pump my art out of my mom’s basement, but at forty I’d kinda like a cocktail to go with my quirkiness.

But alas, until I hit the lottery (or make best friends with Ellen Degeneres) that’s just not meant to be.

The world is a beautiful and sometimes ugly place.  I’m not perfect.  My mind is constantly racing.  This is more of a shout out to my husband, family and friends who tolerate my extreme ups and downs, they keep me balanced and understand that a creative mind, although a gift of gifts can sometimes be a curse, tempered only by the people who recognize and love those afflicted.

To everyone who loves and tolerates me – I need you, I love you and I can’t really be me without you.